New BG / SBLC / MTN Provider Application


Secure Platform Fund is looking to expand our portfolio of Providers and Issuers of Rated Bank Guarantees (BG), Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and Mid Term Notes (MTN). We handle a significant volume of Financial Instrument Issuing work and welcome the opportunity to work with any New Provider who is able to complete our minimal BG, SBLC, MTN Provider Application criteria and add value to our clients.

4 Simple Requirements for New Providers...

We accept any genuine and authentic BG, SBLC, or MTN Issuer or Provider who can deliver Rated Bank Instruments and who is able to fulfill each of the follow 4 Key Provider validation requirements which are:

1/ Providers CIS (Client Information Sheet)

The Provider must complete and return the simple New BG, SBLC, MTN Provider / Issuer Application below which provides basic information and disclosure.

2/ Swifts

We require copies of 3 recently issued MT760 Brussels Authenticated Swifts from the Provider. Client information can be redacted from the Swifts but the swift transaction number and the Providers full details including Swift code and bank account number must be clearly visible on all Swift copies provided to us.

3/ Video Call

The Provider must be willing to complete 3 minute Video Skype Call with one of the Executive Members of Secure Platform Fund.

4/ Physical Meeting

The Provider must be willing to have a 30 minute in person meeting with one of the Executive Members of Secure Platform Fund.

$$$ Broker Rewards for Direct BG SBLC MTN Provider Referrals $$$

Secure Platform Fund recognizes and rewards any broker who connects us directly with a New Authentic and Genuine BG, SBLC or MTN Provider that completes All 4 of the New Provider Requirements above, and in recognition of that connection Secure Platform Fund will pay the Broker up to 1% of all transactions completed with the New Provider.

We completely protect all brokers who make direct connections to Rated Bank Instrument Providers with the Broker IMFPA (Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement) below.

Important Notes for Brokers....

  1. It is the Brokers responsibility to get the New Provider they refer to us to complete All 4 of the Providers Requirements above.
  2. Secure Platform Fund has no desire to be in a broker chain, we are happy to pay one broker who is beside the New Provider directly for the connection.
  3. Once the New Provider and Secure Platform Fund are connected, Secure Platform Fund will work directly with the Provider and automatically include commissions for the one referral broker on all contracts we complete. The Referral broker will receive copies of each of these contracts and will be completely protected by the IMFPA above.
  4. We solely work with Rated Bank Instrument Providers, we have no desire to work with Unrated Bank Providers.