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Secure Platform Fund Team

We are a group of Banking and Finance industry professionals with a core Company Executive Team that has over 35 years’ of finance industry experience. Members of our Executive Team have worked in the Financial Instruments Department of World Top 25 Banks and completed deals worth billions of dollars. Our Team consists of seasoned Bankers, Dealmakers, Commodities Traders and Solicitors all with proven track records of success.

We have a unique perspective of the industry from the inside out, our company was Established in 2008 and we have operated as a Financial Instruments, Commodities and Monetization Wholesaler until late in 2015. In January 2016 our Board decided to launch a retail operation and as a consequence the website was born to provide a secure, solid gateway for retail clients to utilize the service, structure and expertise of Secure Platform Funding.

Throughout our company’s history our management executive has consistently closed very large financial transactions for themselves, their company and their customers. As a result, our business is not motivated by volume or size of a transaction but by the quality, security and safety of a transaction with a client. We value our clients Privacy and Security and have established processes and a infrastructure that provides a safe haven for investors no matter how significant or prominent their profile.

We are NOT Brokers! From 2008 to December 2015 we where financial wholesalers who operated behind closed doors completing deals provided to us by two large industry financial instruments and commodities retailers as well as our own Board Members and Company transactions.

Our Compliance Department performs detailed due diligence on all clients to ensure the person or company we are doing business with meets the Client Standards, financial qualifications, safety and integrity we require.

We provide accurate, timely, no nonsense advice to a select number of clients that we approve and chose to engage in a business relationship with. We do not accept all clients, so those we chose to do business with us understand that’s it is a valued privilege to be a client of Secure Platform Funding, not a right.

Secure Platform Fund PPP

The Financial Instruments Industry with BGs, MTNs, SBLCs, LTN, and PPP can be difficult, full of jargon, technicalities and intermediaries. Secure Platform Funding helps our clients cut through the complexity and gives them a solid partner who they can work closely with to confidently reach the finish line. We help clients avoid the pitfalls, stay away from the traps and scammers, and guide them to expand their wealth using our proven systems, processes and unrivaled expertise.

We invite you to commence a mutually beneficial, long term business relationship with the Worlds #1 Financial Instruments Insiders.....Join Secure Platform Funding Today and start the journey to a brighter future!

Yours Sincerely
Bruce Green
CEO of Agreements - Secure Platform Funding

13 Ways we Protect Clients and Make You Safer!

We Take Client Privacy and Protection Seriously, thats why we have layers of encryption and security to protect both your communication with us and your records and the details of your transactions.

  1. SSL Website Encryption by Symantec
  2. Encrypted ChatEncrypted
  3. Encrypted Telegram Messenger
  4. Encrypted Email Form from our Website to Office
  5. Encrypted Email with
  6. VPN Encrypted Internet Connections
  7. Encrypted Data Storage of Client Records
  8. No Client Data is Stored in the USA
  9. IT Infrastructure with the #1 Privacy protections in the World
  10. All Company Cellphones use Encrypted VPN connections through Tor
  11. All Computers use Spy Shelter Keyboard Encryption
  12. All Emails are Filtered through Bitdefender Email Malware & Virus Software
  13. All Company Cellphones use Encrypted Mail

Our Powerful Strategic Focus

  • 1. World Financial Instruments Specialists. Secure Platform Funding solely lives, breaths, focuses on and deals with the following Financial Instruments: Bank Guarantees (BGs), Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC), Mid Term Notes (MTNs), Long Term Notes, Letra do Tesouro Nacional, National Treasury Notes of Brazil (LTNs), Private Placement Programs (PPP), Montization, Funding, Buying and Selling Financial Instruments, and Financial Instruments Consulting. We are have conquered the financial instruments industry from the inside out with some of our staff coming directly from working in the Financial Instrument Departments of World Top 25 Banks. Our business has close personal relationships, direct access and strong long term operational partnerships with Bank CEOs and Department Managers, Bank Financial Instrument Departments, Trade Platforms and countless other finance, banking, trading, monetization and funding experts. We are immersed in the World Financial Instruments industry permanently. That is our niche, our core competency, our passion, our focus and our exceptional expertise. We are the #1 World Financial Instrument Specialists who close deals, complete transactions, protect customers and achieve results others only talk about.
  • 2. Deposit Refund Protection. Secure Platform Funding operates a unique Deposit Refund Protection Program that completely protects your invested deposit AND completely repays your deposit back to you within a few weeks so you have zero financial risk or exposure in any transaction! Yes that's right, we pay you back every cent you invested BEFORE we complete your intended transaction! Then we proceed and complete your intended transaction with our own "house money" so we are at risk instead of you. This Deposit Refund Protection Program is unique to Secure Platform Funding. Expertise has its Benefits!
  • 3. Privacy & Security Matters! Your personal safety depends on our security! Our business handles very sensitive classified personal information of prominent wealthy individuals and companies every day, and we complete commercially sensitive transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients. That is a dangerous cocktail of information that in the wrong hands could cause significant personal risk and safety issues for clients and businesses. When your ex wife, business partner, friends, next door neighbor or the local crime syndicate learn you just made 100 Million dollars.... you become a target! We protect our clients, your Security and Privacy truly matters to us. That is why we have gone to great lengths to base our IT Infrastructure in the worlds #1 Privacy Protection Safehaven. That is also why our web site, online chat, email and every computer and internet connection we use is all encrypted. Read the Secure Platform Funding "13 Ways we Protect Clients and Make You Safer!" article on the left of this page to see how we ring-fence and safeguard you like few other companies ever will. No one can operate a credible business doing hundreds of millions of dollars of transactions using an insecure spied on Yahoo address today! Play safe, solely use Secure Platform Funding, security matters.
  • 4. Banking Insiders, NOT Brokers. We are a group of experienced ex Bankers and Finance Experts that are direct to the bank officer who completes the transaction and/or the signatory that signs the transaction documents. In many cases we are service provider ourselves! Our Team is highly respected and extremely knowledgeable because members of our Executive were Bankers that worked in Top 25 Bank Financial Instrument Departments themselves. We have direct communication and face time with many Bank CEOs & key decision makers enabling us to close deals and get results that other companies cannot.
  • 5. Powerful Dynamic Financial Solutions. Our unparalleled industry experience, contacts, knowledge and relationships enable us to provide a wide variety of quality financial solutions to clients that are unique, powerful, very profitable and can be seamlessly transitioned through to gain exceptional results. Here is an example: We can take a Clients Deposit and place it in the Deposit Refund Protection Program which enables the client to have all their invested capital returned to then within a few weeks, we can then use the funds from the Deposit Refund Protection Program to enter the Managed BG (Bank Guarantee) Program and generate the client 40M, then we can take the 40M and place it in a PPP (Private Placement Program) which pays the client 17 to 20% a week. We offer unique protections and common sense solutions, that's why Secure Platform Funding is #1.